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Alice's Surreal Abstractism

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Painting in Tongues: Emanation Of A Mindless Mind

For the last 40 years portrait painting has been the focus of my work.  After a fire burned   hundreds of works of my art, and during the quiet time of Covid, my dormant creativity went into hibernation and I stopped painting.   Then one day I was sweeping the floor, feeling edgy, when I heard a voice inside me which said, “Go into the art studio and don’t worry about what you will do”.  I dropped my broom, rushed to the studio, found a pad of black paper, opened a drawer and pulled out my beloved pastels that I hadn’t touched for many years, and began “drawing”.  I was just moving the color around and letting my hand go where it wanted to.  If my mind tried to turn it into a realistic image, I turned the paper around to silence my pre-conceived notions and let it flow.  What was coming out of me was a spontaneous surprise.


Now at 84 years old, I can’t wait to get into the studio to paint. My art has now become colorful, abstract, stream of consciousness paintings. Each piece can be turned and viewed in four directions, making four distinct paintings in one.  Each view has its own “story”. That story is in the mind of the beholder. For me, the process of painting these works is a blissful experience. I can’t stop! 

The Paintings are in chronological order, being the most recent ones first,

The first 11 are pastel, and the rest are acrylic paintings