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Battles to be Fought

Men - Apr 15 - Written By Richard Matzkin

Roll up your sleeves. Summon your power. There are challenges to be overcome, Battles to be fought. Fearsome dragons wait to be slain – Your inner dragons – Anger, Fear, Laziness, Arrogance, Confusion, Dispair, Selfishness, Apathy The weapons in your arsenal are lethal Dragon killers --- Gentleness defeats anger. Courage neutralizes fear. Discipline conquers laziness. Humility subdues arrogance. Clarity dispels confusion. Hope quells despair. Generosity destroys selfishness. Passion overcomes apathy. These weapons are effective, but not at your instant command. It will take you time and effort to develop them. Take the time…. Make the effort. You will need this powerful artillery because these dragons you must slay are cunning and dangerous. They are so treacherous because they lurk close-by … They hide within your own mind.


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