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Media Appearances

Sage-ing International Online Summit 

THE ART OF AGING: Celebrating the Authentic Aging Self

Join the Matzkins for a profusely illustrated presentation that will introduce topics such as discovering the inner beauty of our older face; the joys and advantages of mature love; finding acceptance and appreciation of the changes in our aging bodies; coming to peace with parents in their old age and death, and experiencing deep introspection about their own death and the preciousness or life. Through their art, the Matzkins have personally experienced how aging can be a time of ripening and harvest, rather than stagnation and despair.


SAGE-ING International Online Summit 


Alice and richard present a 1 1/2 hour workshop entitled, "From Us To We" emphasizing the importance of intimate relationship as part of the process of expanding from self(I)  to humanity (we)

Sage-ing International is delighted to invite you to the 2021 Sage-ing International Online Summit  Evolving Elders: Shifting from I to We. 



It featured a discussion by Alice talking about getting older with acceptance and grace. There is a focus upon the collection of paintings and interviews from the 'WOMEN OF AGE, Portraits in Wisdom, Beauty & Strength" exhibit. This appeared in the "Remembering Your Spirit" segment of the show.

 Watch the video.

Interview on NPR by Justine Willis Toms copy.jpg


Interview on NPR by Justine Willis Toms

Focus On The Masters

Richard is interviewed by Donna Granata, from Focus on the Masters

Presentation for the Buddhist Center in Des Moines, Iowa copy.jpg

Des Moines Buddhist Center

Presentation for the Buddhist Center in Des Moines, Iowa

University of Missouri Interdisciplinary Center

on Aging

"Alice and Richard Matzkin captivated two large audiences at the University of Missouri. Hosted by the University of Missouri Interdisciplinary Center on Aging, the presentation of their work received standing ovations from university

students to more seasoned sages."

David B. Oliver, PhD, Assistant Director, Interdisciplinary Center on Aging
University of Missouri School of Medicine


West Los Angeles College   Exhibit at West Los Angeles College


West Los Angeles College

Presentation by Richard talking about our art and aging as part our exhibit at West Los Angeles College

International Conference on Positive Aging

Network radio show


Transforming Aging Summit

Alice and Richard were featured speakers at the Transforming Aging Summit

Selected Print Media

"Artistic Creativity as Renewal in Eldering" by Richard Matzkin, a Chapter in The Inner Work of Eldering, by Bolton Anthony, et al., Second Journey Publications, 2011

"THE ART OF AGING" by Richard and Alice Matzkin, Aging Today newspaper of the American Society on Aging, November/December, 2009

"Alice and Richard Matzkin Celebrate the Vitality of Aging Through Art" by Joy Parker, Journal of Longevity, Vol. 13, No. 10, 2007

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