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Richard and Alice Matzkin - Welcome!
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We are Alice and Richard Matzkin, a loving couple of artists and writers. We have been together for almost forty years and are still madly in love. Our adventure together expanded our hearts to include our love for each other and our family and friends around the world. It’s our mission to contribute positive energy to this suffering planet through our art, writing, and speaking.

BECOMING LOVE-able   by Richard Matzkin

How a man can grow to be a more loving partner

Richard Matzkin wrote this book from the male perspective, not like many books on relationships that take the woman’s point of view. Why? Men, straight or gay, process information differently than women, so the book’s ideas are delivered in way men understand, short, meaty chapters, without case histories, dialog, or written exercises. There is no fluff, just concrete, specific, and goal-oriented ideas since most men tend to be tuned to action. The book lays out the raw truth about love from the male point of view. This kind of love is distinctly masculine, not New Age nor the old model of male dominance. Matzkin’s approach invites the man to show his masculine core and ask his partner to show up with her full feminine power.


Matzkin introduces thirty-nine behaviors that encompass the essence of love. These loving behaviors, when practiced and brought into a relationship, will cultivate a strong, unbreakable partnership. He used his four-decade loving relationship as proof of these principles. 

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Richard speaks about his new book

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Celebrating the authentic aging self

by Alice & Richard Matzkin

In their award-winning book, THE ART OF AGING: Celebrating the Authentic Aging Self, painter Alice Matzkin and sculptor Richard Matzkin share the wisdom of elder mentors to look for the positive side of growing older and coming to accept and appreciate their aging.


Throughout this beautiful and touching book, the couple explores the experience of aging through their paintings, sculptures and writings. In a series of projects that confront their fear and curiosity about growing old, they examine physical changes, sensuality and relationships, aging parents, spirituality, and death. Profusely illustrated, the book contains a wealth of inspiration, especially for those about to enter their later years.


THE ART OF AGING is the recipient of two book awards, the Independent Publishers IPPY award and the Nautilus award for books that promote conscious living, spiritual growth, and positive social change. Two of the paintings from the book,  one of Beatrice Wood at 100 and Betty Friedan are now in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. are now in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.  Learn More 

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Award for design


Sample of the Matzkin's artwork. 

For a complete gallery

of their artwork, click HERE

portrait of an old native american woman

Alice Matzkin, "Beatrice Wood at 100"

Permanent Collection,

National Portrait Gallery,

Smithsonian Institution

 Alice Matzkin,

"Pablita Vellarde"

Richard Matzkin, "Lovers Hugging"

Richard Matzkin, "Old Baby Naked Old Men"

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